Technology Adoption

The CITF will be used to support technologies (including machinery, equipment and software) with proven effectiveness in boosting productivity, uplifting built quality, improving site safety or enhancing environmental performance, through leveraging automation, industrialization and digitization rather than sheer innovative management practices.

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  • Building Information
    Modelling (BIM)

    BIM digitalises the construction process. It can minimise clashes and abortive work and reduce the risks of project delivery failure through better co-ordination, hence achieving clearer programme and costs at all project stages.

  • Advanced Construction Technologies (ACT)

    With the advance in technology, many manual construction operations can be performed by machines and robots under the supervision of skilled and knowledgeable construction personnel.

  • Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)

    MiC transfers labour-intensive processes and site-bound wet works (such as concreting, screeding, plastering and most building services installations) to off-site manufacturing yards through standardization, thus enhancing productivity, site safety, environmental performance and cost-effectiveness. The use of MiC will shorten construction time, in particular for interior finishes, fixtures and fittings on-site, and allow better quality control.

  • Prefabricated Steel Rebar (STB)

    The use of prefabricated steel rebar can reduce laborious bar-bending work in construction sites, improve productivity and reduce material wastage.

  • Eligible Applicants

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    • a) Levy-paying Contractors

      Levy-paying contractors which have paid levy for construction works under the Construction Industry Council Ordinance (Cap. 587) to the CIC in the 24 months preceding the time of application

    • b) Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme and Registered Subcontractors

      Specialist Trade Contractors and Subcontractors who are registered under the Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme (RSTCS) and the Subcontractor Registration Scheme (SRS) operated by the CIC

    • c) Consultants

      Consultants on the lists maintained by Government and professional bodies, including

      • i) the Engineering and Associated Consultants Selection Board;
      • ii) the Architectural and Associated Consultants Selection Board;
      • iii) the Band 3 Architectural Consultants and the list of Registered Practices maintained by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects;
      • iv) the Band 3 Architectural Consultants maintained by the Association of Architectural Practices Ltd;
      • v) member companies of the Association of Consultant Quantity Surveyors;
      • vi) member companies of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors;
      • vii) member companies of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong; or
      • viii) member companies of the Association of Registered Engineering Consultants


    • d) Other players in the construction process may be considered on a case-by-case basis


      Remarks: For related enterprises i.e. enterprises with different business registration certificates but having the same individual(s) holding 30% or more ownership, they would be treated as one single enterprise in counting the funding ceiling per company)