• To promote wider adoption of MiC by subsidising contractors to procure or hire MiC lifting plant, gear or equipment in MiC Projects.


  • Levy-paying Contractors
  • Registered Specialist Trade Contractors and Registered Subcontractors


Key Features
  • Funding Ceiling: HK$2,500,000 per project
  • Funding Scope: MiC Specific Constrction Plants
  • Funding Mode: 70% matching fund for costs involved per project
  • MiC projects with tender invitation date on or after 1 July 2021 shall be a building project with buildings of at least 6 storeys of permanent nature
  • Applicant shall provide proof such as BD's consent to commence superstructure works of the MiC building and commencement of MiC module installation on site for reimbursement purpose
  • Applicant shall provide BD's approval of the General Building Plan and Superstructure Plan of the MiC project together with the funding application
  • Retrospective approval for hiring specialist MiC consultant is allowed. Applications canengage the specialist MiC consultant before submitting the application but whichshall be submitted within 12 months from committing the relevant expenditure*




*New scheme to be effective on 1 Jan 2022. For current scheme, please refer to the August 2021 version of Application Framework  available in this website.


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