(Only applicable for submissions to BD before 1 October 2023 with relevant funding application submitted within 12 months from the BD approval date)
  • To promote more manufacturers and prefabrication factories to supply MiC systems and improve the MiC supply chain.


  • Consultants 


Key Features
  • Funding Ceiling: HK $1,000,000 cap per application, depending on MiC scale and complexity
    1. 1st tier - MiC systems for buildings of 6-10 storeys: max. HK$400,000;
    2. 2nd tier - MiC systems for buildings of 11-29 storeys: max. HK$600,000;
    3. 3rd tier - MiC systems for buildings of 30 storeys or above: HK$800,000;
    4. An extra subsidy of HK$200,000 to each tier for more complex MiC design (e.g. MiC modules contributing to the overall stability of the building against wind load apart from cores/shear walls, etc.)
  • Funding Scope: Cost incurred by the firm of Authorised Persons (AP) and Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) and architectural or engineering consultant for admission to the Buildings Department (BD)'s List of Pre-accepted MiC Systems
  • Funding Mode: Direct financial subsidy per-application
  • Manufacturers of MiC systems already admitted to the BD’s List of Pre-accepted MiC Systems  are not eligible
  • MiC systems shall be designed for application for buildings of at least 6-storey height in Hong Kong
  • Applicant shall be the firm of the AP / RSE or the architectural or engineering consultant firm responsible for the submission to BD but not individuals


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