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  • To encourage project consultants to carry out MiMEP design at the project beginning and MEP Sub-contractors for the design and construction MiMEP modules in order to enhance the productivity.


  • Project Consultant
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Contractors nominated by Main Contractor


Key Features
  • Funding Ceiling:
    • Project Design, for Project Consultant:
      • HK$500,000 per project
      • 60% subsidy for production of a completed BIM model with MEP works up to LOD-G 200 for tendering and 40% subsidy upon incorporation of contractors’intended MiMEP arrangement
    • Project Design, for MEP Sub-contractor:
      • HK$500,000 per project
      • 40% subsidy for developing the BIM model up to LOD-G 400 for MiMEP fabrication and 60% subsidy for production of a completed MiMEP prefabrication plan generated from the BIM model and detailed method statement for on-site installation.
    • Project Construction, for MEP Sub-contractors:
      • HK$2,500,000 per project
      • For rental of offsite MiMEP specific workshop and additional costs incurred for delivery and installation of MiMEP modules (such as extra supporting frames, hoisting and protection requirements excluding the cost of the MEP equipment / component and the cost of lifting plants that has received CITF subsidy already)
  • Funding Scope:
    • MiMEP* excluding prevailing existing practices#
    • Eligible MiMEP projects
      • a building project of not less than 6 storeys high or
      • any project with MiMEP installation horizontal area and/or vertical area not less than 3,000sqm
  • Funding Mode: 70% matching fund for costs involved per project
  • Applicant can engage the Specialist MiMEP Consultant / offsite MiMEP specific workshops before submitting the application but which shall be submitted within 12 months from committing the relevant expenditure




*MiMEP refers to the integration of multi-trade building services components, into a single volumetric assembly of prefabricated modules, manufactured off-site in a workshop, then transported to the site for connection of modules to complete various trades of building services installations to minimize on-site works. MiMEP can integrate with structural element, architectural builders’ works and finishes (ABWF) to form an advanced assembly, such as false ceiling unit and plant room unit to enhance the productivity.)
# Examples of prevailing existing practices in Hong Kong include elevators, escalators, chillers, generator sets, AHU's, switch boards and the like are mostly prefabricated off-site for delivery to site in modules. For MiMEP subsidy to be granted, the applicant needs to justify and demonstrate the extra prefab/modular effort over and above the prevailing existing practices.



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