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Key Features
  • Funding Scope:
  1. Procurement or rental of 4S products
  2. 4S ancillary costs
    • Additional network cost (Note 1) (e.g. additional gateways/ transmitters/ receivers and subscription of mobile network (e.g. 4G/ 5G) to enable the necessary internet coverage for 4S adoption areas) induced by adoption of CITF-funded 4S products;
    • Additional manpower cost (Note 2) directly incurred for implementation of the CITF-funded 4S products, and
    • Cost of technical support required (Note 3) for operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of the CITF-funded 4S products provided by the 4S product vendor(s) (Note 4) after the bundled initial maintenance period

    Note 1: Assessment Principle for additional network cost:
    1. For mobile network, the cost to be supported shall be such installation and operation of mobile network cost required, and/or the quantity of SIM cards under the funding application to support the CITF-funded 4S devices.
    2. For fixed network (e.g. wifi, LoRA, etc.), the assessment shall be based on the applicants’ completion of a standard form provided by the CITF Secretariat confirming use, cost and quantity of the key cost items listed in the form (e.g. location plans of network equipment, types of equipment, 4S products covered for the relevant parts of network set-up, etc.), so as to demonstrate that such network system is provided additionally on site for 4S implementation but not for routine operation of the site office unrelated to 4S.

    Note 2: The duties of the additional manpower shall be any one of or a combination of the following due to 4S implementation:
    1. overseeing and monitoring and promptly attending alerts/ signals for taking immediate actions;
    2. co-ordinating with different groups of users on-site for follow-up on daily use of 4S systems liaison with the relevant vendors for resolving technical issues and their maintenance;
    3. preparing and coordinating the execution of the overall 4S implementation plan including deducing procedures for all site users to follow; and
    4. data transmission and analysis including generation of necessary reports.
    5. Monitoring of network or 4S equipment or device set-up, installation or relocation including associated cabling and electrical works ; and
    6. 4S system configuration work.

    Note 3: Reasonable technical support and maintenance include the following:
    1. Extension of hardware warranty;
    2. Regular updates/ revisions of the centralised management platform or software or e-platform of the 4S products;
    3. On-site or online diagnosis of faults of 4S products;
    4. Provision of technicians for repair and maintenance of 4S products including both hardware and software;
    5. Reasonable period of technical support and maintenance, which we suggest that it should not exceed the expiry of contract period and in any case no longer than 3 years.

    Note 4: Product vendor throughout this document means the 4S product manufacturer or intellectual property (IP) right owner or its authorised service provider.


Funding Mode:
  • 70% matching fund for procurement or rental of 4S products and 4S ancillary costs


Funding Ceiling:
  1. Overall Ceiling: HK$7,500,000 (combined funding cap for ACT and BIM) of which HK$1,500,000 designated solely for SSSS products in private works sites)
  2. Combined funding cap for 4S ancillary costs: 50% of the total CITF subsidy for the 4S products procured using CITF funding
  3. Funding cap for additional manpower cost under 4S ancillary costs: HK$20,000 per month per site
  4. The CITF subsidy for 4S ancillary costs shall also be subject to the per-applicant funding cap of $7.5M, but should not be counted towards the per-technology funding cap of $2M which is for the procurement/ rental cost of the technology products.


  • CITF invites applications for funding all year round
  • The applicant can either submit a funding application for 4S ancillary costs together with or AFTER the funding application for procurement/ rental of the 4S product(s). For the latter scenario, the applicant shall confirm the need for such cost items (e.g. additional maintenance after the bundled initial maintenance period to sustain the 4S adoption throughout the project period). In any case, the applicant shall submit the application within 6 months from the approval date of the funding application for the relevant 4S product(s) for additional network and 4S implementation manpower cost; or within 6 months from the expiry of the initial bundled maintenance period for additional maintenance cost.

  • Please read the following before submitting an application:
  • ✔️ Guide to Application
    ✔️ Terms and Conditions


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