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Construction Innovation and
Technology Fund

We Innovate We Build

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Technology Adoption

The CITF will be used to support technologies (including machinery, equipment and software) with proven effectiveness in boosting productivity, uplifting built quality, improving site safety or enhancing environmental performance, through leveraging automation, industrialization and digitization rather than sheer innovative management practices.

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  • Building Information
    Modelling (BIM)

  • Advanced Construction Technologies (ACT)

  • Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)

  • Prefabricated Steel Rebar (STB)

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  • Non-local Enrichment Courses for Students

  • Non-local Training / Visits for Practitioners

  • International Conferences in Hong Kong

  • Local Collaborative Courses

Manpower Development

To enhance the capability of practitioners to harness technology for the continuous improvement of our construction industry, the CITF will support existing practitioners and prospective built professionals to take part in courses and events on advanced construction technologies.

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Pre-Approved Lists

Pre-approved Lists were established to let CITF applicants have hands on reference to innovation and technology. The products and technologies were already reviewed by the Vetting Sub-committee. Thus CITF applicants choose to use these products and technologies can enjoy a streamlined application process. Please check the latest product and technology information from relevant vendors (CIC does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on the Pre-approved Lists) and consult professionals on the application of the product and technology before filling the Pre-approved List codes on the CITF Application Form. Please refer to the Pre-approved List and input the code number on the CITF Application Form.

  • BIM Software

  • BIM Training Course

  • Technologies


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    Account Creation


    Account Creation

    Create an account at CITF Application Portal via CITF website

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    User Guide

    Read the User Guide and prepare all required documents

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    Account Creation


    Submit Form

    Complete and Submit Online Application Form in CITF Application Portal

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    Account Creation


    Vet Application

    Vet Application by the CIC

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    Application Result

    Notify application result

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    CITF Requirements

    Report Submission and fund disbursement according to CITF requirements

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Events and Resource Centre

  • Event List

    Join our events and seminars to understand CITF application tips and successful case sharing

  • Innovation and Technology Sharing Platform

    Learn about Pre-approved List products and watch sharing videos of technology adoption and manpower development

  • PowerPoint Sharing

    Download PowerPoint and conference materials

  • Resources Download

    Download publicity materials and CITF Digest

  • Advisory Station

    Book one-to-one advisory service for CITF application